Diagram editor as shown in the attached picture

Hello forum!

I know it's possible to add a diagram editor to any language like it's shown in the two samples mindmaps and componentDependencies.
I've already played around with it, but I couldn't find a solution to my issue.

Now my question is whether MPS can depict such a diagram as shown in the attached picture
or not.

As you can see there are two groups or blocks, which need to be boxes in a diagram. Within these groups or blocks are subviews or subvariables, which have relationships to variables in another block. This relationships need to depicted with arrows or lines.. I've read the docs. However with ports I couldn't find a solution.


Any suggestions or help is appreciated!

Best regards

Unfortunately, this use case seems to be not covered by the currently existing diagraming support within the MPS. In MPS you can draw only "one-level" diagrams: nodes with either direct connections or having ports locate on the boundary with incoming/outgoing connections. Inner nodes are not supported by MPS diagramming functionality.
Thank you for your reply, Alex!
Do you know whether this feature is planned for the future or not?

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Yes, we do plan to improve currently existing diagram editing support. Unfortunately, we don't have any exact estimations for now.
That's nice! Is that there a plugin or something which I can use in the meantime. Do you know something about it?

You may want to have a look at https://github.com/slisson/mps-diagram-editor/

I think this mps plugin is capable to do what you need.
You can find the binaries for the plugin here: https://github.com/slisson/mps-all/wiki (login as guest)
Examples can be found in the repository itself or you checkout mbeddr (www.mbeddr.com / http://github.com/mbeddr/) where we have diagrams for (hierarchical) state machines as well as (hierarchical) component diagrams


Thanks for your useful advice, Bernd!
Do you know some proper manual for the mbeddr plugin to work, because the installation of the tools, which are needed for the installation of mbeddr, are a little bit annoying?
Well, the tools are only necessary if you want to use "all of mbeddr". In order to play with it installing the plugins (and maybe having gcc and make somewhere) should be sufficient. We are currently working on an windows installer but it is not ready yet.
Good know. I'll give it a try.

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