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Hello forum!

I would like to create table editor in my custom language. I've already played around with the sample projects, but I couldn't find a solution to my issue.

As you can see in my example below, I would like to have one constant header and editable rows.
  • The ID should act like a Primary key (I've already figured out how that one works in MPS)
  • The name is a concept, that I've declared in my language
  • The age should be an integer.. is that resolvable with constraints?
  • GENDER should work like an enum.. so I've declared a new concept.. Am I on the right track?

1 John Test 30 MALE
2 Chuck Norris 25 MALE
3 Alice Norris 20 FEMALE

Maybe there's a simple answer for my question.
Any suggestions or help is appreciated!

Best regards
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I can see any problems with the ideas that you described. To ensure that Age is an integer, you should declare the property to be of type "integer" in the concept definition.
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I know this is an old thread, but @m sch95 did you ever get this to work. I am also trying to get similar functionality. 

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Hey Christopher!

It's of course possible. However, I ended up using Sascha Lißons library which is part of mbeddr, because I needed some more functionality.

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Hi macks


can u please explain how to add that library and use it in out Code.?


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