Save own language in XML

Hello Forum!

I know that all the pieces of my language are saved under the following project path in .mps, which is basically XML structure.

So my question is if it's possible to save some parts of my language (structure, editor, constraints) in a custom XML like structure and in addition every time I edit my sandbox file I would like to rewrite my XML.

Kind regards
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Hi msch95,

in general this is possible. Just use the generator aspect, include the MPS XML language and write a regular code generator for this. Ok, your YML is not re-generated automatically but launching the code generator manually will do this job.
Accessing the concept hierarchy and nestings is possible and easy. Just use <some node>.concept to switch to the meta-level. In case of the editor and the constraints, I'm not sure if it is possible to access the necessary information during runtime.

I hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks for your reply LaAck!

It would be good if the XML is regenerated automatically.
According to this thread it's possible to have bidirectional dataflow, but not as straight forward as it seems..
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If that option will executed automatically on save it would help me a lot.

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