Genrate -Intentions with paramerterized query as indicated in MPS 3.2 documentation

MPS documentation(3.2) indicates possibility of creating generate intention with parametrized query for inputs towards modifications.

It mentioned of executeUI method , however i failed to see the same method while attempting to create an example.Quoting the docs :

The main difference from the general intentions is the executeUI function, which is executed before regular execute and is supposed to present some UI to the user. If the UI returns false, no further processing is done - the execute function is not performed

May be i missed out an import of sorts, but New Parametrized Intention addition did not have a executeUI method.Can you let me know if there are any examples using executeUI for Generate - Intentions.

Also i did try and see toString() and Getter-Setter as an example from baseLanguage, but seems they are all action-groups and actions under ide-platform as runtimePluginSolutions.

Also , MPS 3.2 seems much better in performance as compared to 3.0 ,in my local language experiments and daily usage, thanks for the improvements. :)
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Unfortunately, the documentation in this part was a bit obsolete - the "general" intention is no longer supported and actions should be used instead, if you need UI interaction. Sorry for the misinformation.
I'll update the documentation accordingly.

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Thanks Vaclav.

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