XML mapping to MPS model

Hello forum!

I'm trying to persist my MPS model in my solution to XML. Also I'd like to serialize/deserialize it, which means reading and writing.

I don't really want to iterate over my structure with many foreach loops.
So I was wondering if it's possible to map the XML structure to my MPS model, like in Java..(see below)

Recently I've seen the XmlConverter, which is located in the SampleXmlPersistence project. So I thought a more generic approach is possible with this class. Am I right?

Thanks in advance!

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I solved it using NodeSerializer/NodeDeserializer from mbeddr.

Serializer (com.mbeddr.mpsutil.serializer)

The serializer used to create the XML representations above is accessible programmatically. The classes are called NodeSerializer and NodeDeserializer

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