Issue with migration into MPS3.2.3

Hi all,

I´m currently trying to migrate some of my projects from MPS3.1 into MPS3.2.3.

It has been a bit bumpy but I think right now I´m doing some progress, however, now when I rebuild one of my solutions I get the following error message:

"2 nodes match single value attribute. The first found node returned as the value."

Can anyone explain me this and how can I track the source of the error?

It seems, this might be caused by multiple attributes (aka NodeAttribute or LinkAttribute) of the same kind attached to a single node.

Hi again,

Just FYI, had some time to take a deeper look at this issue, after a few debugs I found out what was going wrong in my case:
Someone duplicated the ClassifierDocComment for a java class like in the following example:


public class DummyClass {

And this was causing the error I described above.

Best regards,
Thank you for analyzing the problem. I'll fix this in 3.3.

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