Macros in generator aspect

Hello forum!

I have a question regarding macros in the generator aspect in use with macros. I want to explain my problem with a simple example.

The class diagram looks like this:
Calls -> <<abstract>> -> FamilyCalls -> CallFromFather, CallFromMother, CallFromChild...

My code looks like this:

Unfortunately, I'm not able to add a new tag or macro after </callFather>, although I've tried several short-cuts.

Is it possible to achieve something like this in the generator of my language?

if(node.isConcept(callFather) then <callFather>Chuck</callFather>
  else if (node.isConcept(callMother) then <callMother>Alice</callFMother>
  else if


Kind regards
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to me this looks like you should be using the $COPY_SRC$ macro inside the LOOP instead and have reduction rules defined for different types of calls. A SWITCH macro might also work, I think.


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