BaseLanguage Generics

I was playing with generics in BaseLanguage and I'm wondering why no typechecking for this case is present:


In the generation I see, that the 3 cases with char, int and float are not allowed with Double Generic. The other 2 are error highlighted. Are these checks just missing, should I do them myself?

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A bit late but here is an attempt to answer this:

stack.push(1.1) -> Float extends Double
stack.push(1) -> Int extends Long -> Long extends Float
stack.push(1.1f) -> Float extends Double
stack.push('A') -> Char extends Int

Each of this types can be implicit converted into each other except the ArrayType and the StringType.
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Yeah I'm aware of that, still it would be nice to have a warning that these types need to be casted. Till now you only notice the problem when generating the code. But thanks, it's probably designed this way.

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