Installation and "Surround with..." in the robots example

Hi. I'm new to MPS and a have a couple of basic questions. I've just installed MPS 3.2.3 (build 139.2677).

First, regarding installation, I'm wondering if MPS runs only with Java 1.6. I'm on Mac OS X and when I first tried to run it, it showed an error saying that it couldn't find a JVM, although I already had the JDK 1.7. It provides a link to an Apple support webpage that provides a legacy JRE 1.6. Is there a reason why it didn't find the 1.7, or are there compatibility issues?

The second issue concerns the editor. I've followed the introduction video about the Kaja robot example, and almost everything works, except that the "Surround with..." action does not seem to behave as described in the video. If I select a single statement or AST node, it works, but if I select more than one (as shown in the video), the "Surround with..." option is greyed out in the context menu and the keyboard shortcut doesn't do anything. Is this a bug or a change in functionality?

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Hi Ernesto,

indeed, MPS 3.2 have compatibility issues with JDK 1.7 and later on MacOS concerning Swing and painting components on the screen, due to some flaky behavior in the JDK implementation. Given your goal to learn MPS, I'd recommend to jump straight to MPS 3.3 EAP ( and grab the variant with bundled patched JDK 1.8. You'll get MPS running on the latest JDK without any additional effort. The stability of the EAP release is acceptable for you purpose, I think.

The erroneous behavior of "surround with" intentions on multi-node selections is a known issue ( and should be fixed.


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