Grammar to describe a projectional editor


as promised I've just published the PE and the PE4MPS projects.
You can find a small overview and the links to the github projects at this blog post:

The two projects are in e very early stage, nevertheless I think the overall idea is already there. I'm quite new to MPS and onestly I'm not sure this work can leads to some remarkable value.

In case I keep working on this expect some more questions on this forum.

Feedbacks are welcome! :-)
Looks interesting. One possible improvement: If you want better usability you could get rid of the intentions and boolean values (used for example for optional groups of elements) and use the new Mbeddr platform extension com.mbeddr.mpsutil.grammarCells. It supports optional properties, flags and many more features.
Yes, I tool a look at that work. It could be used for a faster implementation of PE4MPS and it probably codes the best proctices of MPS, so for sure it's interesting looking at it. I think it's worth to use it from the inside of MPS and for sure when the language is not a parser-based one.

The PE4MPS goal is different, aims to help implementing languages that are by definition text-based, in this sense PE4MPS should also target the creation of the TextGen aspect (should be very similar to the Editor aspect) and, if possible, scopes handling, two features that if I understand correctly grammarCells won't never be implemented in grammarCells.

I took a look also at the ANTLR_MPS project by Fabien, but it tries to solve the problem from a different point of view and requires too many mapping details from my point of view.

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