"module not accessible" error with custom persistence


I followed the custom persistence cookbook at https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/MPSD32/Custom+Persistence+Cookbook but get an error at the location where I add the main solution to the build-solution:

Error: dependency on a module not visible from current build project: 4e91f16b-a87b-441d-b601-ee48151d2bf2(<mylanguage>); owner is jetbrains.mps.typesystem.checking.NonTypesystemEditorChecker@6b31e805

I tried adding the relevant language to the build-solution, too, but this only gives me the same error for the build solution, too.

FYI, the language I try to add is part of the same project.
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The cookbook refers to a sample project. Is this project the one that is failing for you or have you created a project of your own?

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