Adding additional task when rebuilding language/solution

What we do: We are implementing a language that serves the automatic generation of Spring REST servers. For this to work we want to generate multiple files and directories (making up the project structure) out of one model which contains descriptions of dtos and requests etc. Out of those we want to create the java classes. Those have to be of course in seperate files.

What prefered: We did not find a way to let the TextGen generate multiple files or even directories out of one model.

What we are trying to do: As we were not able to produce multiple files out of one model we instead settled on generating one big file containing all generated classes and some symbols deviding them and use a custom parser to create the structure we want out of that.

So: Is there a way to include the execution of this custom parser into the build process of mps?

We have seen ant and how it can be used to accomplish that. But as we understand this tool has to be used from command line and cannot be integrated into the normal building process of the ide itself.

We would really appreciate help :)

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TextGen generates a file per each root concept in your model, so your scenario should be easily achievable without the parsing workaround, I hope.

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Thanks for the reply :)

Unfortunately that is only half the solution, though, as we also need to create directories to properly create a structure. :(


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