Build Language Error Message

I want to build an ant build.xml using the Build Language.

I don´t want to build an plugin though but rather the solution and languages. I get this error message despite having the language imported not only in the solution but also in the model itself. 

cannot find extended language in dependencies: jetbrains.mps.baseLanguage

I get this error message for every language that my language depends upon. And no change in the dependencies optiones for the model or solution have changed that so far. I also treid to put values into the "dependencies" of the BuildLanguage file itself but the autocompletion does not provide any options there.

Also the "Perform Quick Fixes" - Button that is mentioned in the tutorial produces this critical error:

 ModuleLoaderException: dependency on a module not visible from current build project: 2d3c70e9-aab2-4870-8d8d-6036800e4103(jetbrains.mps.kernel)


I have studied this page extensively but cannot grasp what mistake i probably am doing.

Help would be really appreciated :)

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I would first check that BaseLanguage is covered by the dependencies listed in the "dependencies" section of your build script. Typically you want to depend on mpsPlugin or mpsCore.


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