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I am using MPS 3.3.1 to create a custom IDE that has the language design functionality stripped out. I was able to build the custom IDE using the guide found at: While I was able to create an IDE that allowed for creating AST models in the new language, it does not have the ability to generate the models or handle any building. When I am creating models in the full MPS IDE using the language I am able to generate fine, the custom IDE does not even have the option.

Reading the documentation, it looks like the mps plugin is all that is required for generation. That is included in the build script that is being used that was generated from the wizard. Is there something else that I am missing that will allow for model generation? Otherwise the custom IDE is not useful as the models cannot be used.

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From what I could tell, the appropriate plugins were not being included in the distribution folder. I followed the guide exactly so I am not sure why the plugins were missing. Manually copying them in fixes the issue.


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