Specifying paths in the build language

Hi, I am working in a build solution to generate an IDEA plugin for my language (as shown in "How to package your DSLs for IntelliJ IDEA" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IPu9af7k1o). However I am unable to insert a relative path as a value of the folder idea_home macro. I can create a relative path with the value "." but any other value result in an error and I cannot see any intention.

Any suggestion?

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Hi Federico,

you can use relative paths in the form of "./folderX" or "./../../" (you have to start with "./"). Is this what will solve your problem?



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Hi Vaclav,

the problem was different: I tried to copy the whole path (./../../tools/idea-IC-143.382.35) while I had to to type it so that MPS could recognize the slashes and create the corresponding nodes. However I do not get why in the screencast you had several directories available for auto completion why I do not

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Indeed, copy-paste of a textual path will not work. However, I'm also puzzled by the problem with your auto-completion. If there are multiple options in how the path should continue, they will be offered in the completion menu, provided the path prefix is valid (not marked in red).



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