How to register Plguins in MPS?



I am not sure if I really understand the plugin concept. I have created a Plugin Solution and in that  I created a Project Plugin, that holds and executes the code I want. So far so good. My problem is, that I dont want that code to be executed every time I rebuild the project.

Is it correct, that in order to do this, I need to integrate this project plugin into mps so that it gets only loaded at the time the project gets loaded? And if so, how do I exactly do that. In the documentation there is only an explanation for the development phase.

I found a similar post in the forum :

but the list presentented there :

1) create a new plugin for MPS
2) create an ApplicationComponent, register it in the IDE through plugin.xml

3) add parameter in its constructor, with type MPSModuleRepository
4) now you can add an SRepositoryContentAdapter listener to the repository or manage multiple SModelChangeListeners manually

is not detailed enought for me to reproduce it. Can anyone help me or point me to the right place in the documentation .




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What you basically have to do, is to build a plugin for the IDEA platform. The platform SDK guide might be useful:



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