I want to make a tabular editor, just like the one in the sample MultiProjections by means of the "Context editor context hints (in the "editor for concept Workflow", collection cell for stateMachine in the inspector 'add context hints')..

When I am trying ( in the editor in Cell collection in the inspector) to

"Add context hints"  (editorContext, node ) -> sequence  <string> { return.node. ..............; Collections.<string> emptyList(); } in the last part ( the <ifFalse> part)  the Collections class is not available.

What do I have to do to make this class available?

In Modules Pool/Languages/jetbrains.mps /baseLanguage/ runtime/JDK  Java.util@java_stub is present.



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The dependencies in MPS indeed require some mental energy to get right and stay in order, so I'd recommend checking out the doc at before trying anything nontrivial.

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You have to import the model java.util@java_stub into your model in order to see the classes defined in that package. Either use Control + M or Control + R.

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Thank you very much! Simple as that (when you know it).


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