Implementing tools, model access, etc.


(1) I implemented a new plugin solution and added a tool, action, group and shortcut to it. I can open the tool using the shortcut and the group. However, I'd like to have it always available (such as Project and Structure), but I don't know where to call setAvailable(true) to achieve this goal.

(2) Basically, the tool has to provide an alternative view on the project's logical view. Thus, I need synchronized access to the model. I'm aware of this user guide page. However, I'm unable to reproduce the code. Moreover, ToolSynchronizer appears to be a black box.

(3) To provide the alternative project view. I started extending MPSTree. Is this the most straightforward way?

Any hint, comment and piece of code is greatly appreciated :)

Thanks and cheers,



If you don't mind using plugins, com.mbeddr.mpsutil.projectview is the best solution.



Thanks for the hint!! After a short check, it sounds like a perfect fit!


Wow! Tried com.mbeddr.mpsutil.projectview and must just say how nice it is! :) Never thought that it would be that easy to prototype my own logical view. Very nice work! Thanks again for the hint.


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