vertical and horizontal separation bars




I'd like to include vertical and horizontal separation bars in the editor aspect. My goal is to achieve something looking like the screenshot below taken from mbeddr : 

What's the easy solution to achieve such kind of results ? (For drawing the brackets, i already know the property draw-brackets in the editor style)


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for the horizontal bars this post might be helpful:

The vertical bars you see in the example seem to be of a fixed height (e.g., to the left of "Provides flight data" and "FlightData / participant"). Thus, you can emulate them by surrounding your original editor cells with a horizontal collection. Add a new constant on the left and surround it again with a vertical collection. Go to the Inspector of the vertical collection you just created (cmd/ctrl + 2). There, go to Style and define background-color. Subsequently, add as many constants as you need. This will show you a bar to the left.

The "lorem ipsum" in turn has a variable height and is surrounded by brackets. Go to the Inspector of the corresponding cell: draw-brackets will do the job for you.



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