State of source generation

I am a little confused by messages in this forum about the state of

source generation that MPS offers right now.  It is clear that Java can

be the source language.  A message from Igor mentions XML.  Obviously

MPS /will/ support anything at all... though it is not clear if it

supports anything at all right now.  So for example, what if I want to

generate a series of JavaScript files with generated source; can I do

that?  Obviously I've got to define my concepts, and somewhere or

another (I don't yet know MPS enough to know), I'm going to specify the

transformation algorithm.

I'm investigating the possibility of using MPS immediately to ...

essentially make up for serious language shortcomings in a target

language "X" that I don't want to name.  For example, no classes/structs

to keep data together; I only have arrays of the same data type.  Ack!

I suppose I could create a more powerful language that I know and just

map it... but this whole domain-specific emphasis has made me realize it

is better to come up with something specific to my application's domain.

  I could specify the program in a mixed declarative / imperative style

that suits my purposes.  I can deal with MPS glitches provided they

aren't show-stoppers.

~ David Smiley


David Smiley wrote:

  It is clear that Java can

be the source language.

I meant destination language.

~ Dave


At the moment MPS only offers generation to java and xml.

We are working on few improvements which would give more freedom to outer developers in applying LOP to practice.

To make whole picture clear I will summarize current state and plans (for next build) regarding different aspects of language development:

Language basics (structure, editor, typesystem, actions) - to a greater extent covered by DSLs and API

Generators from language (templates, rules, configs) - covered by DSLs and API, planned: some rework and usabilility improvements

Filegen (text/files production from generated models) - java/xml, not extensible, planned: API + configurability

Language as target (projection editor, generator class, configs) - covered by DSLs and API, planned: some rework and usabilility improvements

Model persistence (load/write models from/to files. It is not LOP but this feature allows to develop structured editors for existing languages. i.e. log4j, ant etc). planned: API + configurability



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