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Hello, Igor,

> Is there an example of using custom persistence already?

I forgot to add it in build 219. I added them in build 220. You can

donwload it now.

We have two examples of custom persistence. Both of them are created to

edit log4j configuration files. First (project log4j) is direct mapping

of lo4j DTD to MPS. Second (log4j2) works only with the most important

part of log4j configuration, log filtering.

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Hi Igor, sorry for offtopic

you've submitted scr "Special cell for editing booleans" http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/MPS-339

i wrote comment but i'm not sure whether you received notification. I will duplicate it here:

+it seems that required support is inplace.

- in structure model declare enum data type (say - "FeatureUsageDataType") with element type - boolean

- make your property type - FeatureUsageDataType

after editor is generated you will have corresponding choices in autocompletion menu

please, try this and say if it worked out+



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