Need help with action sets

When declaring a new editor for a concept, I see that you can add 'Action


Could someone please explain me what they are and how they work?



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The general idea is to generate the editor with acceptable default behavior and allow to customize behavior of an individual cell with used-defined "actions sets".

We have only 3 customizable actions:

- delete - reaction on ctrl-del (in some cases just Del or Backspace)

- right-transform - reaction on whitespace. For instance, this allows to transform an expression to a method call like : var  --> var.method()  (in  base language)

- auto-completion menu, which is typical reaction on pressing of ctrl-space

In addition to action sets where are "key map"-s which allow to handle specific keystrokes.

Now the action sets in the initial form are deprecated. The general idea remains the same but implementation will be different. Please, wait for next build for more details.



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