Re: "Generate from model" files different from *.xml and *.java

Hello, Dmitri,

Its possible to generate files different from xml and java. But you have to implement text generation aspect of language. To do so for language a.b.c createa package a.b.c.textPresentation and for each concept C that you want to generate to text create class C_TextPresentation that implement interface TextPresentationGenerator. After that it will be possible to generate text. But in this way you can only generate text to output view not files.


Yes, I already have textPresentation subpackage with _TextPresentationGenerator classes, and all worked good. But why... why I can't move output from my model into file? (rhetorical question).

I hope, next MPS build would be free of these limitations:)

Permanently deleted user

Hello Dmitri,

Create request in JIRA and assign it to me and I'll try to do something with it.


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