MPS build 292 is out

Hello! We've released MPS build 292.

You can download it here :

  • WARNING! If you have template models make backup copy before using new build because we've changed

template models format

  • Generate and execute generator option. If generated classes contain class with name Main and static method

with signature static void main(jetbrains.mps.smodel.IOperation context); it'll be executed.

  • NEW! ConstraintsLanguage: now a language definition may include set of constraints.

     currently it is possible to define a computation method for the property value (aka derived properties) and

     computation of a 'search scope' for targets of the reference links (used to compile default auto-completion menus)

  • Usability: editor pane for concept has two tabs: structure and editor

  • EditorLang: cell's 'rendering condition' - now embedded code instead of java query methods

  • BaseLang: introduce/inline varible refactorings (like in IDEA but different shortcuts: alt-N/alt-V)

  • BaseLang: 'for' and 'foreach' loops

  • BaseLang: simple collecions (support for primitive types, less dependency from 'java.util')

  • SmodelLang: collection of nodes (less dependency from 'java.util')

  • SmodelLang: a lot of new operations, more comprehensive examples

  • MPS plugin: ability to find usages of methods and classes (IDEA --> MPS)

  • MPS plugin: ability to navigate to methods, fields and classes (MPS --> IDEA)

  • MPS plugin: ability to navigate from class to concept declaration (IDEA --> MPS)

  • MPS plugin: fix i18n issues

  • MPS plugin: ability to work with several MPS related projects

  • Doc: new 'custom persistence' tutorial

  • Doc: new 'actions language' tutorial

  • Generator: speed optimization

  • BaseLang: (back compatibility issue) ClassifierType in left part of static-field-ref/static-method-call/enum-memb-ref is replaced with reference on classifier.


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