jetbrains.mps.xml and property macro support

Hello, MPS team!

Nothing happens when "CtrlShiftM" pressed and then "add/remove property macro" option selected inside jetbrains.mps.xml template editor (MPS build #292).

Do I did something wrong?


I wonder... but property macro created in main@templates.mps file:


But... it's not displayed in template editor & inside inspector, of course, too:-(

Permanently deleted user

Hello, this error might occur because the editor .java files of jetbrains.xml weren't generated for a long time. They were generated before we get rid of template editors so to fix this problem you might try to generate editor for it.

Anyway we'll fix this problem in next build that is going to release before 1st October.


Yes, it helps!... But only when original xml editor files are removed from mps.jar.

Setting classpath with the same xml editor files as in mps.jar doesn't help.


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