How to import Language to Model?

Sorry for my stupid question. I've just started to look at your MPS. But I'll be very appreciated if you answer to me.

I use: idea-6.0.1, mps314

I create new Language, define simple concept (it marked as root concept) in it and make the editor for it. After that I click on Language->Generate Language, all goes well, MPS writes that "generation completed successfuly" and "0 errors, 0 warnings". I look into IDEA, code for Concept and Concept_Editor is well formed and there is no any warnings. Compilation was successful and files



are present.

After that I try to make simple model. And in "New Model" dialog, in "languages:" section I cannot find my Language. There only "jetbrains.mps.*" languages are present.

So... what didn't I do? Why didn't my Language appear in "languages" section?

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To make your language available for any model in a solution, open the solution properties dialog and in the section "language roots" add path to your language's mpl file.

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Thanks a lot! It works. :-)


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