Generating an XML file produces an error: "Couldn't find file generator..."


I'm receiving a message on an attempt to generate an XML file:

Couldn't find file generator for output node: Document "plugin.xml"[1170774746260] in samplePlugin@1_0_1170774701153

I created a root node "Document" from "xml" language. For that node to be available, I added "$MPS/languages/xml/languageDescriptor.mpl" to the list of depended upon modules of the generator. The generator's target language is "baseLanguage".

When I attempt to generate text from my model, everything seems to be fine: XML is created, as well as Java code. But when I try to generate files from the same model, I receive the aforementioned message, and XML file is not generated.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong. Please tell me what exactly. Is it correct to use other languages in a generator, which target language is "baseLanguage"? If not, how do I create XML files, for example?



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Replying to myself.

It appears I have done everything correctly, it was just a bug in that particular build of MPS. For the record: it was the latest EAP build (numbered 339).



UPDATE: I have to correct myself again. This problem can be fixed by adding $MPS/languages/xml/languageDescriptor.mpl to the list of project's languages. It is a bug still, though.

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