Error in "How to Start Programming with MPS"


I try to follow steps, typed in the article "How to Start Programming with MPS".

When I try to create "New generator" - problem start.

There are differents between pictures, shown in the article and real situation.

First, in window, called "Generator properties" I can't find field called "Templates Model".

Second, in tree menu, I see the following picture:

generator ->

     templates ->

           TheSimplestLanguage..... ->

main ->


But, in the article there is another hierarchy:

generator ->

     templates ->

           TheSimplestLanguage..... ->


So, I can't find node "MappingConfiguration"!

What I do wrong?

All steps before I done strongly by instruction. I tried do it one more time, but the result where same.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

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Hi, the root node 'main' in the model located under the folder is the mapping configuration.

Please be advised that the starters guide article is obsolete.

We've fired build #339 while MPS has been in the middle of huge transition.

For instance, in generator, we replaced almost all 'java query methods' with embedded code-blocks.

And now a generator module has to be generated before it can be applied.

Thus the b339 is quite contradictory.

Probably it would be wise to wait for the next build.



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