Updated How To

I've updated the How To to work with the current version of MPS. Still need to clean it up a bit so let me know if you see any issues. Find it, for now, here.

Edited by: Tracy Snell on Apr 10, 2008 6:56 PM


Hi Tracy,

Unfortunately the URL is not reachable. I tried it on every day since you posted it here. Could you export it to some static html bundle and just post it as an attachment here.




hi Tracy! nice job!

The paragraph describing creation of property macro needs refinement - any mention of 'query method'  can be dropped.

To create a property macro, user should press ctrl-shift-M (to create '$'), then alt-shift-I to navigate to inspector view. In the inspector view user can begin typing code of the property macro query.


Oops. I changed the port from the SSL port mapping but forgot to change http to https. Fixed in the original message.


Unfortunately, the URL is unreachable again


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