My Calculator Tutorial Feedback


I've managed to walk through the calculator tutorial. Here are some points I think what could be better:

  • The screenshot after "Now we have the cell below line with a name where we can add new input fields. Let's add a couple of input     fields:" - I could not get the point why width, height and deepth were used here instead of Java and PHP as promised at the tutorial beginning; only at the and I understood as a new calculator was created with Java and PHP input fields
  • "Leave generator name empty:" - but why? Intuitionally I would expect the name as a mandatory parameter here.
  • There is the wrong screenshot after "Add a property macro to the JLabel's constructor's parameter so that the label will have the same text as the     corresponding input field's name:"
  • The instruction "Make sure, you selected LocalVariableDeclaration, not LocalVariableDeclarationStatement. In order to check this, take     a look at the semicolon. If it's outside of macro's bracket, then you choose the right node:" is a bit difficult to manage, it took me 3 or 4 tries until I had selected the right things to get a "LocalVariableDeclaration". A screenshot of the selected characters would help.
  • The instruction "Now we need to set the text so that it will display result. We type "" + (null)." is quiet difficult to manage if you are not used to use an intentional form based editor. You have the null, if you add simply a " in front of it, you get the seconde one after the null and have trouble to remove it, becaus the whole "null" will be removed. There are some other things one may try if I'm used to "normal" editors like IDEA and funny things happen. A more detailed explenation how to get a "" + (null) from a simple null is needed.

But all in all its a good and useful tutorial to get in touch with a whole bunch of new concepts. Especially good are the short instructions like "Surround it with loop macro:" after we learned how to do so before. This prevents us from repetitive and boring explanations and helps to get used to the learned things.


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