Unification of binary & text formats for tree-based IDE


I'm going to implement a binary file format for SymADE.

Are you interested in making a uniform standard for tree-based programming tools (MPS, SymADE, and probably others may wish to use it too, like Eclipse EMF, IP and so on)?

The idea is to make it fast to save/load data, more compact, safe, extendable, generic. If possible, as generic as text format, so that users will be able to edit their programs with different IDEs, like they can use any text editors to edit texts.

For this binary tree format will we have also make an export/import tool into text (plain text with some syntax, like XML, JSON and others), a viewer of the tree and a very basic editor. Others tools that will work with this format may include export/import to various text/binary formats, diff/merge/versioning, scripts to migrate to new versions of concepts (tree nodes).

It whould be nice to unify format (DTD) of the XML/JSOM/etc standard text exports.

Contact me if you are interested in developing and implementing this unified binary format.

PS I failed to post this message using Opera and IE, because of this "nice" editor widget. You'd better make an option to use the simple tml text area.

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Hello, Maxim.

It's too early to define a common format. In order to define it, we need to have at least 2 tools so that we will know what requirements it needs to conform to. Now we have only one publicly availabe AST based language workbench for text like language, MPS. If you want to use our format in your tool, feel free to get code from our repository. MPS is open source and you can use our code.

Other point against developing this format is that it requires a substantial effort to develop and we will get very little in return. It's better to spend our effort on developing tools. The time for this format will come but now it's too early.




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