Is there a way to run the generated code from within MPS?

Hi all,

Recently I've found out that MPS not only generates the source code, but also compiles it. I work on MacOS - don't know, maybe it is a case for it only. Anyway, I've located my java source files under the source_gen directory, and (cool stuff!) class files under the classes_gen directory. However, I didn't manage to run them from within the MPS itself - I still need to open Terminal and run "java some.package.SomeClass". So, the question is - is there a way to do this not switching to other IDEs or Terminal window. And, if no, maybe it's worth to add this ability to MPS? In any case, all the development always ends up with running the code - so why doing this from separate IDEs or smth.?

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There is such an ability. If you have a Java class with the main method, you can right click on it in project popup and run it.



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Indeed, I found it now. Thank you!

Maybe, add it to the tollbar - just like as it is in the IDEA? "Run cofigurations" may be simpler in comparison with the IDEA's one, but at leaset it will be easier to find it.


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