Project - location based file handling issues.

Hi All,

      1. I am having same project of version 1.0 and 2.0(migrated) at different location. If I open the project of the same name, problem exists because of the file loading problem in MPS. Sometimes the project components will differ.

      2. Also If I create a new solution Project with name MPSProject1 and solution name- New Solution. After creating the project, I create a new solution project with name MPSProject2 and solution name - New Solution. All the items in the New Solution of MPSProject1 are appearing in the New 
Solution of MPSProject2.

       3. And I am not able to create the solution name(same) in different project. It states that the solution already exists.

Can anyone please clarify why these problems occurs? Is there any solution to these problems?


Thank you,



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