Samples for different MPS features

Hi all,

from time to time in this forum are questions raised about how to do this or that with MPS. Yes, there are thousands of examples in the baseLanguage itself and in other packed languages. But often are these overwhelming - you see what and how it is done but you don't know exactly if this helps you with your problem. So I decided to publish my little simple samples to github: The goal is to have very narrow focuses on special features/topics with no other frills.

I did this with a neutral account name because I consider the code not as my property or copyright or so. So clone it, improve it, give comments, have fun. And perhaps do you also have some code snippets to publish, I'd be happy about code donations.

Another thing: for now only the result is shown, but not the "why" and/or "how" is documented. Feel free to add some written documentation or even better record a podcast or screencast - unfortunately I'm missing the right equipment (yet?).

Best regards,



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