A couple of questions about editor


In a concept editor I have one node linked to enum property. Why in code completion menu I can see only name of concept, but see no enum variants of my property?

If I add "punctuation-left" or "punctuation-right" property in a style of some node, how I can in this case to apply right-transform to this node? I can't move carriage to the right side of the node, it jumps over node. :-(

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Hi, Oleg

Can you give more detailed desciption of first problem. What concept and what editor you have?

You can add "punctuation-left" to the right cell or "punctuation-right" to the left cell, then you can use right-transfrom of left cell or left-transform of right respectively.

So you should remove "punctuation-right" from cell and add "punctuation-left" to the right cell.


Evgeny Kurbatsky

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Hi, Evgeny.

About first question - any concept. :-) Let I give an example. Let's create the enum data type named "MyEnum" and fill a couple of values, then let's create the concept "MyEnumWrapper" and decalre property "enumProperty" as "MyEnum" type. Put a property declaration of "enumProperty" in the node cell layout of "MyEnumWrapper". It will looks like:
{ enumProperty }

Then let's create root concept "RootConcept" and add "MyEnumWrapper" concept to the children.

Then if you press "Ctrl+Space" at the "MyEnumWrapper" node you will see only "MyEnumWrapper" type, but there are no variants of MyEnum enumeration type. Why?

About second question - I think left-transform is the right decision, but how I can apply left/right transforms to the only middle (for example) cell of the cell layout. For this purpose I use RIGHT_TRANSFORM in the action map for the cell. Because when I use right transform action it executes at the right side of every node. *DONT_KNOW*

[- {prop1} {prop2} {prop3} -]



To the developers: May be is it need some highlighting? Because it blends with other text.

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Let I explain my porblem more closely. Imagine some concept with next cell layout:

[- [ {prop1} {prop2} ] -]

prop1 shows if prop1 != null

I need to create prop1 object when I press space button after "[" node.

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First question.

MPS creates special completion menu only when you edit a property.

If you want list of actions for creation of node you should create you own substitute actions.

Second question. You can use:

     side-transform-anchor-tag : ext_1

in cell style, and:

     right transformed node: ClassifierType tag: ext_1

in actions. In such a case transform will be available only for cells marked "side-transform-anchor-tag : ext_1".

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1. Why? For example if I create somethink like this:

[- Value: {enum} ]

In this case at {enum} node I will see completion menu with enum variants, but if I delete "Value:" node, I will see only name of concept. It seems strange to me.

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This happends because you edit different cells. In first case you edit property cell.

In second case you edit child cell, it knows only name of concept that can be added, but it don't knows anything about propeties that this concept have.

For example when you edit styles you have same editor. Look at instances of concept StyleClassItem, it has same editor and works fine.


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