mps.baselang.statemachine usage


when defining a simple class like this

public class TestClass extends <none> implements <none> {
  <<static fields>>

  <<static initializer>>
  public event event();  
  <<static methods>>

  <<nested classifiers>>

and adding a statemachine to this class like:

state machine for TestClass {
  initial state{DRAFT} {
    on event do {<no statements>} transit to {DONE}
  final state{DONE} {}

it seems that the constructor, which sets the statemachine to initial draft state does not get generated ... right?

Has anyone a clue, what i m doing wrong?
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I thunk StateMachine language is a little bit outdated (it's not a part of MPS build AFAIK). We'll most probably review and update it as a part of next MPS release.

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