Staub can't reach his Stubs

I'm a newbie.
I'm trying to make a concept literal pointing at a stub in a constraint, and I can't figure out how to get access to my stubs from there.

I've made sure that I'm importing the stub model into the constraint model.

I'm trying to restrict the search scope on a reference to only subclasses of a specific class, like so:
<<property constraints>>
link {dto} 
  referent set handler:<none> 
  search scope: 
    (model, scope, referenceNode, linkTarget, enclosingNode)
      ->join(ISearchScope | sequence<node< >>) { 
      return model.nodesIncludingImported(scope , ClassConcept).where({~it => 
        isSubtype(it :< concept/<no concept>/); 

Where you see "<no concept>", near the end, I can't reach a stub.  Any guesses as to what I've missed?

Thanks -Ed Staub
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If you'd like to be able to enter some particular concept into condept/<no concept>/ construction i suppose you need to import .structure model from the corresponding language. Press Ctrl+M ad type FQ name of the language suffixed with ".structure".

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