Concept reference or Smart Reference?

In what cases should I reference directly one concept from another and what cases should I use Smart-Reference as child in the referring concept?
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I generally prefer to not use the reference directly.

I always create a Reference-Concept. I do this by using Ctrl+Enter in the ConceptDeclaration and go to "create Reference concept".
And then I change the base-class from Expression to BaseConcept.

If you do so, you are more free to change the representation of the reference. And to use this reference at several points in your model.
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One difference I noticed is where to manage scope for completion menu.
The place to manage scope of direct references is the referrer's constraint under <<referent constraints>> "search scope"
On Smart-Reference you need to define search scope at the referee constraint under default scope.
In that aspect IMHO direct reference has the advantage

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