Multiple generators: Modularization and Calling them


i need to generate code and documentation (HTML).
I want to do this as nice as possible.


Alex mentions that mps2.0 will have generator parameters. Can I use them to generate only one of it?

My original idea on how to split the generators was:
I create an own language for each generator (containing only the generator).

But the disadvantage of this is, that I would not be able to generate the documentation and code at once?
I think I will change that and move the nodes to the language.

Any ideas on that?

Could i create a toolbar-button which generates the documentation (or the documentation AND the code) and opens the webbrowser with the HTML-File?
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No ideas on that? Please ask, if somethings not clear.
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As no responses here, i will reduce my question to this:

I want two generators, that can be run at the same time.

Each has it's own reduction rules (one for code and one for documentation).
How can I achieve this?
Can I use several generator-models (not modules!) ?
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Still need some help here!!! Someone please!!

Oh please can someon write anything?
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Sorry for long delay - we were quite busy with MPS RC-related tasks. Please, be patient and wait a little bit more - on next week Evgeny will be back from vacations so most probably he will answer your questions.

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