real tutorial available?

Hi List,

are the real app tutorials available that show how to build and USE new language?
I jst can't find any tuts on web, where the workflow and integration with intellij is discovered.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Tilman,

this is on our short-term agenda. So far you can use the official tutorial at, which you probably have seen already, and the one created by Markus Voelter at

To help us design useful documentation, could I ask you to be more specific about things you'd like to see in the 'real' tutorials.


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Hi Vaclav,

I have some requests about what I'd like to see more of as far tutorials and docs.

The LWC11 examples are great, this is actually precisely what I wanted to see, because creating a data layer is one of the things I have traditionally used code generators for.

However looking at page that tells you how to create the database doesn't clarify how to use it in a real-life project.  It shows how to "transform the entity model into an instance of this ER meta model."   What exactly does this mean in real life?... For example, suppose I want to generate a data layer for an Android app that uses a DatabaseHelper class and generates the SQL DDL, and generates some basic DAOs.

It would also be nice then to extend the LWC11 example to define a simple query language, which can generate either Java code or SQL code to do certain queries.  Presumably this should be doable with MPS, right?

Finally, it would be nice to learn how do I then take this whole example, and apply it in a real-life situation, where presumably I'll be using IntelliJ alongside MPS (since MPS will help me with certain aspects, but it won't help me develop the entire app)  What does the development workflow look like?  How do I setup a project that combines MPS "facets" with other facets like Android, Web, etc (since IntelliJ has the notion of facets).

What I'm asking basically how do use MPS for a real-life problem, and how does it integrate with other development tools like IntelliJ.  Does it make sense what I'm asking?

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Thanks Otto for your comment. This makes perfect sense and supports what I've been thinking about. I believe the integration aspect is particularly important for real-life projects, which need to combine MPS with other technologies.


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