Graph algorithms language?


Some time ago there was a plan to include some kind of Graph Language to MPS.

Apparently, this feature was not 100% ready by MPS 2.0 release, but there a lots of traces of Graph Language in
E.g. in\jetbrains\mps\graphLayout\graph\ one can find a nice framework for Graph Structure or even implementation of Dijkstra algorithm. All with world-famous /**Generated by MPS**/ header =)

Current source distribution does not include MPS source files for this graph language, only generated Java files, that are not used nor compiled to MPS.jar.

Currently I don't need any MPS built-in view/layout of the graph. I'm fine with exporting it to GraphVis. Is it possible to get at least Structure/Algorithm parts of this language in MPS-usable format?
Looking at how people solve this problem now, it's absolutely clear that MPS way is one of few possible at all =)
Woohaa, found something in their public GIT:

(beware, 3.4Gb of unpacked pure magic there)

It isn't yet a language really, just some nice Java code in MPS solutions, but there are few lines like 'throw new RuntimeException("method is not implemented");'
We don't have dedicated language to describe graphs.

The code you found in our git repository is a research work, which is focused on a graph layout problem. It will be released along with the planned diagram editor, as a reusable runtime for diagram layout. Of course, you may use it "as is" if you like :)
Guys, why don't publish our super awesome diagramming language?
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