How to best submit review feedback to help development?

I'm trying out MPS from the perspective of a new user evaluating/reviewing the product for usability. I would like to submit whatever feedback I come up with to the development team as I go along. What would be most helpful?

Submitting YouTrack issues one by one? Or maybe compiling all my comments into a point-by-point review and posting it in this forum? I'm capable of doing either, as you prefer.

I think that would be interesting. Can you write to my all the comments so that I publish them on my blog (refering you of course)?

Federico (
I'm not so much thinking of it as a public review, but simply as some feedback for the developers to work with. I don't know if it will be in a form good for a blog, but if you want to post something about it, you're welcome to. :-)
I'm definitely interested! I guess the best option is a mixture of both approaches - YouTrack issues for immediate usability problems you discover and a post/e-mail with more higher-level usability comments, suggestions and food for thought in general. Forum may be a good place to discuss these over, I think.

Ok, thanks, Vaclav. Will do. :-)

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