MPS 2.5

MPS models in IDEA look great!
A guide how to use IDEA integration will probably be available with the release, but I was impatient to try it.
I was able to create java models (class, interface, etc..), - is it possible to create models in other languages as well? I've added some languages in the MPS facet, but no other root kinds became available..
Thanks for the screencast.
A bit fast to follow..

I've got the error message during the build: cannot calculate relative path: No common path element found for 'O:/soft/mps-2.5/plugins/mpsbuild/languages/!/build' and 'C:/Users/ikar/MPSProjects/SimpleIDEAPlugin'
Fixed by moving project to the same drive as MPS.

Copied the idea plugin to idea.. can see it in the list of plugins.
In Model Properties > Imported Models, I cannot add the language - it's not in the list!

The generated plugin looks ok.. attaching jars from it.

SimpleIDEAPlugin.jar (13KB)
SimpleIDEAPlugin-src.jar (14KB)
Is it possible to reference java classes in the java+mps module from mps models? I was not able to..
Hi, Igor!
It is not possible with MPS 2.5. In this release you can only add references from MPS models to library classes available in this java module or use generated java code from normal java.

In the next version (MPS 3.0) we are going to support the possibility to reference java source code from MPS model.

It's hard to say what's going wrong by these jars only. I believe the language was packed properly and the problem you are having now was caused by incorrect plugin.xml content or improper build layout...

To quickly check everything is ok with language package you can copy SimpleIDEAPlugin.jar into IDEA_HOME/plugins/mps-core/languages/ folder (the folder with all the languages distributed with mps plugin) and restart IDEA. If you will be able to use your language in this case this means language was packed properly, is functional and the problem is definitely in packaging logic. In this case you can delete IDEA_HOME/plugins/mps-core/languages/SimpleIDEAPlugin.jar and try rebuilding this plugin to make it working separately.

While correcting build script used to build this plugin I suggest you to check if following elements were specified properly:

I had a few typos (languageLibrary for LanguageLibrary and 'language' for 'languages')
Now I can add the language to the model's languages, and can add new root 'Properties', but it just displays <abstract concept>... (it's ok in mps)
I've figured that out. JDK 7 is giving me hard time, again.
Please, add "-source 1.5 -target 1.5" to ant task options, so that generated plugins are understood by IDEA.
I've got a serious problem with MPS 2.5. I can't create any model in a language with this version. This behavior is documented in MPS-15123 but it seems not to get much attention.

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