Simple generation test

I have recently started studying MPS and trying to do some simple tests.
I’m trying to create some simplest generator which uses jetbrains.mps.sampleXML language as input and output languages.
I have only one mapping rule:

where RootOut is

The input is

When I’m looking generated output (Preview Generated Text), I have

I do not understand, WHY? I specified to generate RootOut node always in the conditional root rules.
If I remove the Input node, I have correct output:


Could anybody say, what is wrong here? Maybe it is just my misunderstanding of some MPS concepts, but currently it looks for me as some MPS bug.
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I'm not sure if I really understand your problem. But could it be that you haven't recognized the bottom tab bar in the preview generated text window?
Your conditional root rule will add a new root in output model, which is independent of your input. Since you have no rules for transformation your input it will be copied to your output, as far as I know. So you will have two xml files in your output, you can select one with the tabs at the bottom.

There was a generator tutorial, I really recommend. But I can't find it at the moment.
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Thank you. I really missed the tab bellow. I also have added the Document concept into abandon roots and currently have only my RootOut node in the output, as I intended.
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Here is the generator tutorial/demo I mentioned:
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Thank you!
Really I have seen it already, but I have another question. How can I debug code in inspector? I can place breakpoints in some functions used in macros, but they do not stop on Preview Generated Code. The only way I have found so far is usage of some debug output when MPS started under IntelliJ IDEA (I used something like "System.out.println("). I hope there is better way.
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I've asked for this in another thread some time ago, but unfortunately there is no answer yet. So I can't help you. But I'm still interested in the topic of debugging. I really hate printf debugging...
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Well, hope MPS guys support it soon...

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