Refactoring without "Error: undeclared property ... "

Hi Mps-Team,

i have a very special questions:
(1) If i have a concept "MyConcept" with a boolean property mybool
(2) and there are already instances of MyConcept in some solutions
(3) and i remove the mybool property in the MyConcept

then instances of MyConcept in the solution get red underlined with the message saying "Error: undeclared property mybool"

How can i avoid that - or automatically refactor it in a way, that the mybool gets deleted in the instances ?

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We are now thinking about how to handle such "undeclared properties". If you are interested in discussion or have some ideas - I can write here my thoughts about it.
Currently, you can use the "Remove undeclared child and references" script, which will correct your models after refactoring of this type. See screenshot (the "Scripts" submenu not visible on screenshot).

Thanks for your attention,
Screen shot 2012-07-04 at 4.25.57 PM.png
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Well that enhancement script sounds good to me. On one hand, undeclared properties are visible in the solutions and marked as errors - that is basically correct. On the other hand i can remove them on purpose with the script. For me, this is an ideal solution.

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