How to use/generate ant aka. buildlanguage projects in MPS


I want to automate some tasks with my generated files. Therefore I tried to use a buildlanguage project. But there I wasn't able to use a macrodef since I couldn't enter any sequential task calls. So I can't reuse code. Is there something broken with it?
Another approach is to use some concept which generate a buildlanguage project. Generating such a file is no problem, but how can I invoke it? There is the interface IAntScript, but this does not work like IMainClass, which means that I can't run the instances of my concepts directly as ant script. Is there any way to do this?

Many thanks!
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Try the new build language (, available since 2.5. The one you are using is now obsolete. For inspiration, take a look at solution (that's how we build MPS).

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