Generator in different Language than Concepts

Hi Mps-Team,

i have build a language L1 (concepts, editor, typesystem, etc) and a language L2 with the code generator (only generator). However, when runnig "Preview generated text" nothing appears.

I just added both languages to my source-model1 ...

Whats wrong? Did i miss something to switch on?

Ps. Acutally, i have also a generator in L1, i added a dependence in the L2 generator to the L1 generator, priority=run strictly with ... but when having a look at the mapping partionings, L2 does not appear at all ...
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To include L2 generator into the generation process you have to:
  • create instances of concepts defined in L2 in this model
  • use L2 in any other generators used to generate this model
  • or specify L2 in the list of "Languages Engaged On Generation" (model properties -> Advanced tab)

It's not enough to add a dependency from L2 to L1 in this case - you should rather say that L1 depends on L2 and set some priorities concerning L2 in L1 generator preferences.
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Hi Alex,

thanks a lot -> "Languages engaged in generation" is exactly what i was looking for ...


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