Reference to concept implementation from super language

I have two languages:

language action.base

    concept ActionRegistry rootable
        reference rootAction 1..1 to Action

    interface concept Action
        reference registry 1..1 to ActionRegistry

language action.humans extends action.base

    concept KillAllHumansAction implements Action rootable
        reference doNotKillList 0..1 SomeHumanList

Model has rootable ActionRegistryes and Actions which point to specific ActionRegistry (like ConceptDeclaration and ConceptEditorDeclaration). Both concepts map to java classes. Instances of Action's are supposed to weave as ActionRegistry.actionXXX fields.

Please suggest me how can I initialize ActionRegistry.rootAction with specific instance. I have troubles using labeled declarations of language action.base because I map KillAllHumansAction in language action.humans - in the last one I can't reference to a label defined in the former language.
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Ok, I solved this specific problem the other way and removed ActionRegistry concept from action.base

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