refering mapping labels across languages


I am trying to reference a mapping label from one language to another language.
Is there any pecular action to do? In my case language A has a concept wich references a Concept in language B wich is mapped with a label towards ClassConcept.

I am using a refererence macro in language A template like :

genContext.get output PojoToClass for (node.pojo)

PojoClass being the label defined in language B and node.pojo being the reference towards the language B concept.

This gives me :

cannot resolve required reference; role: 'classifier' in output node [parameter] ClassifierType <no name>[6418447107955515281] in be.b2next.invoicing.client@1_0

Thanks a lot
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Hi I have been told :
"Mapping labels have a lifespan of one generation micro step. Most probably you should add a generation priority rule (in Generation properties dialog) that both languages should be executed simultaneously (i.e. mapping configuration A == mapping configuration B)". This does not change my problem.

Any other idea?
Help would be greatly apreciated, because I am stuck here.


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