BaseConcept.isRunnable() in 3.0

Ok, I don't get how it works. I can see ClassConcept.isRunnable() overrides BaseConcept.isRunnable(), and I can see "Run class" for psvm-enabled classes. But if I override BaseConcept.isRunnable() in my concept to simply return true, that wouldn't change anything (I also reduce it to psvm-enabled class in generator).

Is it a bug, or I miss something?
Hi, Askar,

BaseConcept.isRunnable() does not work and should be deprecated. The legal way to make your baseLanguage extension (as far as I understood, you generate baseLanguage code) executable is described in "Running a node, generated into java class" section of "Run configurations" documentation. In brief, implement IMainClass concept from jetbrains.mps.execution.util language to make java run configurations available for your code.


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